Prestige Home Insurance

Bluewell offers Prestige home insurance for apartments with at least $150,000 in contents or buildings where the cost of rebuilding will be at least $1 million.

Not all insurances are created equal.

A typical home insurance buyer not looking for luxury home insurance will look for the cheapest price when looking for home insurance. To meet this section of the market, insurers have to remove cover to make them cheaper for the average person to afford.

Generally you will see things like:

  • Low limits or exclusions for expensive items such as Jewellery, Art, Antiques, Furs, Coin and Bullion
  • Very low limits for contents in the open air
  • Removal of cover for goods away from the home.
  • Removal of cover for damage to electrical items after lighting strike.
  • Excluded or low limits of things that higher end insurers have as standard.
  • Excluded cover for flood and Tsunamis

Our clients generally need a product with superior cover with minimal gaps in cover. Our clients understand that with all things of quality, their may be a premium to be paid but the value is recouped if their is ever a claim to be made.

With our higher end insurers you receive covers like:

  • Worldwide cover and high limits for personal items away from your home, including valuables.
  • Cover for visitors items when staying with you.
  • Cover for Illegal use of your credit cards.
  • Business property cover for professionals, like Lawyers, Doctors, Architects, Veterinarians, ect.
  • Cover for appreciation, in case the value of an item increases after you purchase the insurance.
  • Cover for veterinary expenses for your pets.
  • Identity fraud expenses.
  • High limits for Valuables such as Jewelry.
  • Covers for emergency preventative measures to mitigate claims from storms, bushfires & flood.
  • Cover for damage by termites.
  • Cover for tree removal.
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