As a tradesman in Australia, why do you need Tradesmen Insurance? Why is it so important? How does it promote your business? We’ll continue to read and you will find out.

Tradesman Insurance ensures peace of mind every day you are working hard to grow your Business. Any industry from a Bricklayer to a Hairdresser, Cleaner to an Architect, accidents do happen. Why compromise all your hours of hard work and jeopardise the future of your Business because of an accident. Instead, get Tradesman Insurance and get peace of mind.

Public and Products Liability is Insurance on any injury or property damage your service or product may cause. Have you ever caused damage to a customer’s property whilst working to find out the job you are doing is just paying for the damages, even out of pocket? If you are found negligent, depending on the extent of the damages this can be life changing. Well as a tradesmen in Australia, this is the Tradesman Insurance for you.

A lot of the time you may not be allowed on site without the cover as your employer requires you to have a policy in place. In fact, many tenders you put in for will not look at you with out the cover in place. Expand and grow your Business with Public Liability Insurance by getting Tradesman Insurance and keep your mind on what you do best!

Bluewell Insurance Brokers are the legendary experts in this field of Insurance and have the right cover for your business. Insurers and underwriters change pricing and cover on a daily basis so why go direct? Let Bluewell Insurance Brokers shop the industry for you and find the correct cover and pricing for you. Besides Tradesman Insurance, we also specialise in many other insurances for your Business. Professional Indemnity and Tools cover to name a couple.

Do you have an office and warehouse? We can also find you the total business Insurance Package to cover every aspect of your business. We are your one stop business insurance shop.

So what are you waiting for? Call Bluewell Insurance Brokers and speak to an experienced Broker about what’s most important, your Business and its future.