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New Public Liability Requirements For Investigators

As many investigators are starting to find out, they now have a requirement to have public liability that they may not have needed to have in the past. We have done a lot of research into the companies that offer cover for the industry, as a lot of you will be finding out only some Insurance companies will want to cover you. Your public liability cover will be there to claim in situations where you cause damage to 3rd party property and as well as cover for damage you cause to 3rd parties.

Bluewell has options for both annual payments as well as the option for monthly payments.

You have the option of filling out or online form or giving one of our consultants a call on 1300 669664. After finding the company with the best price in the market, we can help you immediately get your public liability for investigation work.

Why would you need investigator insurance? This is a question we get asked. You need the cover for any property damage you may cause or for any injury you are found liable for, and whilst the chance of you causing property damage and injury is low, there is still a risk. You will also find that clients and Government agencies require you to have this cover in place. So, be sure to determine if it is a contractual requirement before doing any work.

The coverage is also Australia-wide, so you need not worry if you go from one state to another, as public liability insurance covers you.

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