International Business Insurance

Do You Need International Business Insurance?

A lot of businesses find themselves in the position of expansion. Eventually the only place they will find additional growth for their business is if they tackle the international business market.

Using Bluewell Insurance Brokers as your International Business Insurance Broker is of benefit to you as the international market is a dynamic place with several major concerns to consider:

  • International Law – The laws and regulations that are relevant in the country you are working in or considering working in.
  • Claims Management – We give you local centralised claims management that you need to put minimal involvement into. You don’t want to deal with multiple people overseas with different languages and time zones.
  • Island Time – Internationally, some countries may not have the same work ethic as you do. Don’t waste your time getting frustrated chasing a slow to respond insurer or local broker.
  • International Program Insurance – We can generally get all your insurances with one insurer. This means ease of adjusting and endorsing your existing policies and minimal chances of gaps in your cover. Gaps can happen if you use multiple companies. One insurer may try to pass the buck to the other insurer, making a poor claims experience for you.

What Is Involved In Getting Yourself Covered With An International Business Insurance Policy?

Generally we will establish with you what is required to cover your business. Internationally we approach insurers that have the capacity to cover all your international interests.

We will discuss with you the appropriate levels of cover you require. Then we investigate any local or contractual requirements you have in any given country.

We will talk with the international program insurer about any exposure you may have in any certain country. Most of the insurers we deal with have a specified international program insurance team. This helps as your business interests will be looked after by professionals that deal with this day in and day out.

Call the team at Bluewell Insurance Brokers today on 1300 669 664 and discuss your requirements.