Landscapers may have one of the most peaceful professions out there, but you’d be mistaken to think the risks are minimal. First of all, the job requires them to work on other people’s property. This alone can raise a series of possible issues: you can accidentally cause damage, whether to the property or the people on location, you can make mistakes that will have customers demand compensations, you can even have the equipment stolen or broken. To cover all these risks, an insurance that caters to the specific needs of the job is required. Whether you are running a business focused on landscaping or you are an independent worker, the conditions we will mention next still apply.

Here are the insurance types that come handy for those in the industry.

1. Public Liability Insurance

Seeing how you are working on other people’s property, public liability is extremely important. People will pass by the area where you carry your professional activities constantly, making them exposed to falls following your diggings, for example. On the other hand, you may break some property that is found in the garden or, worse yet, cause damage to a wall that is near the area you are working on.

This insurance covers third party property damage and injuries, protecting you from the costs that you would have to provide in the unfortunate event that your work causes an accident. Legal actions, medical treatments, repairs, and compensations are usually all handled by insurance.

The goal is to allow workers to focus on their tasks without having unusually high fears that they are one step away from financial disasters.

3. Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance allows for advice to be given without fearing that you will be held responsible for someone else’s actions. It is extremely useful, seeing how less experienced clients may fail in replicating your practices and, as a result, suffer material losses. This insurance will protect from the legal action and costs that may arise when a customer desires compensations.

3. Tool/Equipment Insurance

Tools are a gardener’s best friends, so it is no wonder that they should be insured. Besides the regular and cheap hand tools, there are special machines and pieces of equipment that make the small monthly contribution worth it. The last thing you need is to lack both the instruments that allow you to work and the money that you need to buy them, making it impossible to practice your profession.

4. Income Protection or Personal Accident Insurance

Any job that involves people using sharp tools poses risks – the insurance should reflect that. Income Protection or Personal Accident Insurances aim to provide an income following injuries due to professional activities. They can either provide part of the original monthly income until recovery or, in the case of permanent disability, a lump sum.

Bluewell Insurance Brokers offer all these options and many more. Landscapers will find affordable and customisable policies that can cover all their exact needs. We are more than willing to provide the necessary information.

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