Lay Up Insurance For Trucks

If your industry has recently had a downturn the best option for you may to be to lay up your vehicles and wait for better days.

Give the team at Bluewell a call, we are ready to discuss all of your insurance needs to help keep your company profitable in a downturn

With underwriters realising what is happening in the market some specialists are changing policy conditions to meet the market. Which will benefit you in times when you have vehicles that cannot be out doing what they normally do to generate you the money that you need. Lay up insurance gives you huge cash savings over having that fully comprehensive insurance policy in place. With that savings you can put your cash-flow to things that will help you sustain your business over troubled times.

What do we need to quote?

Generally we will need a list of your vehicles as well as your claims history as this will help the underwriter determine their risk so they can price your account accordingly.

Why use Bluewell Insurance Brokers?

We have over 10 years of helping people out in the same situation as you and we have experienced insurance brokers that are here to help you with all of your insurance needs. We not only do cover for trucks but can also help out with your plant and equipment cover as well and we can also help you out with all other types of insurance such as, so feel free to talk to us about your requirements.

We can typically help out with other insurances like:

So call Bluewell Insurance Brokers today to talk about how we can help you out with your lay up truck insurance.