Safeguarding your locksmith business goes beyond just locks and keys – having the right insurance is pivotal to securing your financial stability. Let’s explore some options we can assist with!

Public Liability Insurance

This covers accidental damage you may cause to third party property or physical injury to third parties. Public liability insurance covers you when your out on a house call, or when a customer is visiting your shop. Its considered a primary defence for your business to ensure that your business remains financially capable amid unforeseen accidents.

General Property Insurance (Tools Cover)

Specialised tools are the lifeblood of locksmiths, and with anything specialised comes high prices. General property insurance guarantees their protection whether you’re onsite or in your workshop. This cover includes theft, damage, or loss and enables your business to continue to function effectively if your tools are lost or destroyed. Commercial Motor Insurance

For mobile locksmiths, commercial motor insurance is indispensable. This product covers your business vehicle against accidents, theft, or damage. We understand vehicles are expensive, but also critical to every business, and having the peace of mind knowing your vehicles are covered allows you to focus on what’s really important. 

Property & Business Insurance

If you operate out of a workshop or retail store, property insurance is crucial to cover your stock and contents from fire or damage, and can be extended to cover the property itself if you own it. This ensures that even in the worst situations, we can assist your business to succeed.

Business Insurance is so important in today’s environment to keep businesses operating and help keep the lights on. At Bluewell, we pride ourselves on our experience and insurance solutions to assist businesses of all sizes to continue to service their community. Reach out today and discuss your options and situation with our team.