Mobile Phone Repair Insurance

Mobile phones have become a critical component of our everyday lives. When these devices are damaged, we rely on the local repairers to restore our connection to society. However, amid the delicate dance of repairing intricate circuits and screens, unforeseen events can occur and your business may be at risk.  At Bluewell we have an experienced team to discuss your insurance options and situations and find the right coverage to suit your needs.

Public Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is most often businesses first line of defence. It covers damage you or your employees may cause to third party property or physical injury to others, as well as potential slip and fall events at your shop. This insurance aims to keep your business financially secure by covering legal costs, compensation, and associated expenses.

Property Damage

Scenario: Accidental damage to a customer’s device or property during the repair process.

This insurance steps in to cover the costs of repairing or replacing damaged devices or property, safeguarding your business from liability.

Visitor Injury

Scenario: A visitor to your mobile repair shop sustains an injury due to tripping over equipment.

Public Liability Insurance provides coverage for medical expenses and potential legal claims, offering financial protection against injuries sustained by third parties on your premises.

Data Loss Claims

Scenario: During a repair, a customer claims loss of data or damage to important files.

This insurance would cover the costs associated with data recovery or compensation claims arising from potential data loss during repairs.

Property Insurance

Your workspace is the heart of your business, collating the repair station, sales, and stock areas into one to boost productivity. However, your risks may be increased as everything is kept in one place. Contents and theft insurance shields your valuable assets to give you the peace of mind knowing your workspace is protected and you can keep focus on serving your clientele whether it’s a fire, theft, or some other accidental damage or loss.

Money Insurance

While cash is slowly being replaced, it is still the foundation for many businesses and customers. Money insurance covers cash at your premises for theft or loss. This can include trips to the bank, accepting counterfeit currency in good faith, employee dishonesty, unauthorised use of bank cards, or additional coverage on public holidays. We specialised in many types of business insurance and aim to give you the peace of mind your financial assets are safeguarded in any circumstance.