Do you need an insurance broker?

At some point of time when you are making a new business or growing your business you will realise that you will need to turn your mind to the protection of yourself and your business. To cover your business properly you will need to talk with a professional and go over the areas and discuss where your business is most at risk and you will need to put in plans or coverage into place to ensure the longevity of your business and secure your income and hard work into the future.

A significant proportion of business that are involved in a major claim never open again.

The reality is that most business never open again after a big claim. Insurance just for your stock and contents is not enough to get a business back up and running again. Sure you will get the money from the insurer, but the reality is the bills that come in after a major even suck up a large portion of your insurance claim payout and there is seldom enough left over to restart your company again. You will need a broker to sit down a talk with you and show you the way to keep your business insurance so that you can continue to operate for years into the future.

Need a broker?

If you think it’s time to get insurance for your business than it is time to sit down with one of our brokers and Bluewell Insurance Brokers. Call us today on 1300 669 664 and we will happily help you out with your business insurance requirements.