“When you’re a parent, you’ll understand,” is what we hear from every parent being overprotective of their children. Indeed, as a parent, we understand it’s very unsettling to leave your child in a strange place to which you do not understand the safety measurements. As a parent, you’re obviously thinking of the worst that could happen.

Well, these same worries can apply to the managers of a play centre as well. Children are very unpredictable, so it’s very easy to give them a very expensive toy – only to realise that three minutes later it’s already broken. Add that to a couple of dozen children, and there you have a good deal of liability. So how can you protect both the children’s and parents’ interests along with your own business?


What Does Play Centre Insurances Offer?

A play centre is all about the kids having fun. But taking a closer look at things, you can see many risks, regardless of the intentions and amount of time you spent on the preparations. As the manager of a playground, you need to have a strong sense of duty and the determination to keep everything well maintained. It’s essential to perform regular safety checks every once in a while, but even those can’t stop problems from appearing altogether. Public and/or product liability cover, when applied to your play centre, can save your business a lot of damage in case of an accident or a lawsuit.

And it’s not just the children that are exposed to risk. This applies to the entire staff, and it’s compulsory to have strong liability insurance. This type of insurance will protect you against financial problems in case one of your employees has an accident and files a claim.


What Does Play Centre Insurance Cover?

A play centre needs a specially tailored insurance policy designed to protect things such as:


  • Buildings, contents, property, fittings and fixtures
  • Play equipment
  • Stock, food and drinks, visual and audio equipment, office equipment
  • Public, employers and products liability

Also, for your play centre, you will also need to opt for the following insurances:


  • General liability: This covers premise liability, product liability and completed operations. This insurance makes sure that whatever damage may occur during the collaboration, you will receive full compensation for your business.
  • Business insurance: This type will include general liability, along with other expenses that may take place outside the building.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance: In case an employee falls ill or is injured during work hours, the employee’s compensation will cover the costs needed for emergency and continued care, along with the missed income in case the employee cannot return to work immediately.

Talk with a specialised insurance company such as Bluewell Insurance Brokers and see which option works best for your playground!

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