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Playground Insurance

Most of the time, a playground is a gift sent from the gods to parents looking for something to keep their kids busy. There are many kinds of playgrounds – either public or private. If you are the owner of such a place, you may want to ensure that everything is in order and that no angry parents or employees will damage your business by flashing a lawsuit. The best way to do that is by purchasing a playground insurance that can keep your business out of harm’s way.

The Risks of a Playground

The playground is usually an outdoor area where children can play to their hearts content. It’s full of swings, climbing poles and other items designed to get the child to consume that extra energy. But since children are never in the same place for more than five seconds, you may never know when a disaster may occur, leaving you with a glorious lawsuit from the parents because of a bump on the head. Some playgrounds may or may not also have staff working there as well, which is why they also need to be taken into consideration when calculating the risks.

What Insurances Does a Playground Need?

In the case of accidents from both inside and outside parties, there are a couple of insurances that you will need to keep in mind.

1. General Liability Insurances for Playgrounds

All small businesses should begin with a general liability insurance policy. This would cover most of the costs caused by various incidents, such as the parents/children getting injured on the playground or the products getting damaged. These are three of the main options that come from general liability:

  • Premise liability – which includes the actual portion of your business.
  • Product liability – designed to protect your business from a faulty product.
  • Completed operations – protecting you from complaints that occur after the completion of a contract.

Having these options checked would keep both you and your business happy.

2. Worker’s Compensation for Playgrounds

In the events that you have personnel working on your playground, you may want to protect your business against “attacks” from the inside. If an employee gets injured during their work hours, the insurance will cover the cost of their treatment as well as the other costs that may occur if the employee doesn’t return immediately to work.

3. Commercial Umbrella Insurances

If the event was so catastrophic that the general liability insurance couldn’t cover everything, the commercial umbrella might be your chance of saving your business. Added to the original policy, it can cover costs that are beyond the policy limits.

If you are looking for insurance on your playground, Bluewell Insurance Brokers can give both you and the parents some peace of mind. Why worry when you can protect your future from risks that can sometimes be out of your power of control? Our agents will calculate which risks you are most prone to, and create a personalised insurance package that is fit for your business.

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