Plumbers Insurance Australia

Plumbers insurance is important in protecting the income gained from plumbing jobs. Plumbing career is lucrative as every new and existing home, institutions and estates need proper drainage and water system. Plumbers face numerous risks some of which may happen without the awareness of the plumber. However, the individual plumbers or company are liable for the injuries and damages incurred. For this reason, plumbers insurance is highly recommended for both sole traders through to large commercial plumbers.


Sources of claims requiring plumbers insurance

Plumbers deals with clean water and sewage pipes as well as drainage systems in the residential and commercial building. Here are the risks involved in plumbing business that need to be covered by an insurance policy:
Product failure
When working on pipes for clean water or in the drainage system, a plumber may accidently cut the fixed pipe or leave a gap in the joint. This may lead to leakage leading to massive destruction of property and pet fatality. Sewage leakage may lead to serious third party health issues that may require treatment and hospitalisation.
On-site risks
Plumbing entails wielding, cutting and excavations for drainage or water pipe system. These activities have hidden dangers as passersby, children and pets can fall into the excavated area incurring injuries or fractures. In addition, a wielding or cutting tool may accidently slip away, causing injuries to a third party.
Personal injury
Plumbers are exposed to the dangers of getting cut wounds during wielding process and health issues due to accidental sewage leaks.
Advice gone wrong
Clients constantly seek for advice from plumbers when designing their homes or in need of changing the water or drainage system in their house. Whether you provide free advice or charge a fee, any flaws occurring during the implementation of that advice can bring claims that require compensation.


Types of plumbers insurance policies

Here are different insurance policies specific to plumbers and the benefits they bring:


  • Public liability

This policy shield plumbers from compensation for third party injuries, business interruption and property damage. This allows the plumbers to save their earnings.


  • Products liability

Products liability insurance package protects the plumbers on that single bad day when a plumbing job on the site go terribly wrong. This policy provides cover for damage caused by leaking pipes or a failed plumbing system.


  • Employees’ compensation

Plumbers insurance provides cover for injured workers during the course of duty. An employee working in a plumbing site is exposed to dangerous falls, burns, cuts and infections caused by sewage leaks. This cover protects the employers’ income as well as that of the employee.


  • Professional indemnity

This policy protects you from claims arising from errors made in a plumbing project design, management of contracts and professional consultancy.


  • Additional policy

As a plumber you can negotiate for additional policy to protect vehicles and tools. Vehicles are prone to accidents and theft while the tools can be stolen or damaged during a plumbing job.
Apply for plumbers insurance through a hustle free process for a successful plumbing business!