Cleaners Public Liability Insurance


If you clean you need public liability insurance.

It’s just a fact of cleaning that property damage happens and you can be held legally liable for it. We have had cases in the past when clients have damaged surfaces using cleaning products that in the first inspection would have been ideal for the job, but turn out to have and adverse reaction to the surface they made contact with.

We have also had a claim for a cleaner who had bleach in a bucket that had a leak and they walked the bucket over carpet in a room in a convention centre. The end result was a white line through the whole room and $20,000 bill to repair the carpet.

You can talk to one of our consultants today about getting you a quote to protect yourself from incidents just like these ones mentioned by having the correct Public Liability Insurance in place. We can help with all types of cleaners, from domestic cleaners that just clean houses, builders cleaners that tidy up a property after a builder have come through to make sure that the property is in good order for the new owners coming in.

  • Retail cleaners people who clean retail businesses
  • Office cleaners businesses that specialise in this the lightest form of commercial cleaning, will generally tidy up work stations, remove rubbish and vacuum or polish floors.
  • Commercial cleaners who do work for factories, who for example may be manufacturing food products which means that there is a certain standard that that must be met at the end of every production run.
  • Shopping centre cleaners for people who work in the common areas at shopping centres, this is one of the highest risks that a cleaner can do and you will find the insurance premium matching the risk. Most insurers will require those people that work in the common areas in shopping centres to maintain an incident report so that if a claim is made it can be easily found when and where it happened and what were the details that lead to the claim in the first place. Claims that are commonly seen at shopping centres are slip and fall claims where an area has just been cleaned or an area has a liquid that has been deposited on the floor and not removed. A good practice is to find the spills early and put some form of notification on the floor to warn the general public of the danger.
  • Car park cleaner, we have seen a rise in the amount of this type of work and we need to look at them on a case by case basis as in some circumstances they may be working on the car park of a shopping centre and will be the same risk as a regular shopping centre clean.
  • Window cleaners internal generally up to 2 stories
  • External window cleaners with/without abseiling, generally unlimited height.

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