Do you need pyrotechnics insurance for your business? Even if you are a pyrotechnic company or a standalone pyrotechnician, Bluewell Insurance Brokers can help you with your public liability insurance as well as other insurances that you require to keep your business running in the unfortunate event the worst happens. With 10 years in the industry we have helped businesses all over the country from small start-ups to larger corporate clients.


What Does Public Liability Insurance Cover You For?

The cover is there to help you if you cause property damage or if you injure third parties as you can imagine if the worst happens it’s might be significant and underwriters are aware of this, which is why there is a very limited market in Australia to go to, which is why you need to talk to someone who knows where to go.


Getting Covered With Fireworks Insurance

We will typically ask you for some specific questions relating to what you do, questions like:


  • Frequency of shows annually
  • Size
  • What is your risk management plan as the underwriter may want a copy of it.
  • Your turnover
  • Your experience in the industry
  • Claims history and,
  • The level of cover you require

We then take this information to several underwriters that are specific to your industry we will go over what has been supplied to us by the insurers and we will negotiate with the underwriters to obtain the best terms we can at the best price for your circumstances.

With Bluewell insurance brokers we work for you, so if you ever have a claim we will work for you to get the best possible outcome we can for you and not for the insurance company.

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