When it comes to quarry insurances, most probably you are having troubles obtaining one. Because of the high risk of this sector, it is hard to find a reasonable insurance for a quarry. This is a dangerous place where, most of the times, you will encounter difficulties in managing the risks. However, insurance is an essential aspect you should never omit, no matter the problems you have to face for obtaining one.

This type of insurance is necessary for protecting your business, and may be a real redemption in case of a serious accident. The working environment has to be as safely as possible, but as it was already mentioned, there are plenty of risks you cannot control. What happens in the case of a disaster when you don’t have quarry insurance? Your business will be ruined, and most probably, you will have to support harsh repercussions, including legal punishments.


The dangers that may threaten your business’ success


  • One of the most common risks of any business is burglary. Unfortunately, this crime has spread like a virus and it affects more and more companies, no matter the field of their activities.
  • Fire is another danger hard to control. Even though it may usually be prevented, it has an impressive power of destruction.
  • Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, can be devastating for this type of business. Unfortunately, if you can avoid fire through caution and strict rules, an earthquake is inevitable.
  • Machinery and vehicles can also breakdown without any warning, and this may lead to the interruption of your activity, especially when it comes to heavy machinery, which is essential in any quarry.
  • Moreover, accidents can happen all the time in such a working environment. Injuries claimed by your employees, or your customers can cost you a small fortune or may even bring you to bankruptcy if you do not have proper quarry insurance.
  • Your employees may represent another danger for your company. Of course, this does not mean you have to fire them all or hire only persons you know, but you can avoid any possible troubles if you opt for a feature such as ‘employee dishonesty.’


What does Quarry Insurance cover?

The first things that you should secure are plant and machinery. Without them, your business does not exist. If you want to continue your progress, you need to keep them safe through good quarry insurance. Bluewell Insurance Brokers is aware of the importance of these aspects for your company’s success, and it can provide you the best quarry insurance on the market, specially designed for your business.

Generally, such coverage includes the following features:


  • Fire
  • Burglary and Theft
  • Natural Disasters
  • Malicious Damage
  • Public and Product Liability
  • Management Liability
  • Statutory Liability, covering EPA fines

Bluewell Insurance Broker will offer you professional help with your quarry insurance. We know that every business is different, and our employees are eager to come up with solutions tailored to your needs. For this reason, you have a broad range of features you can include in your insurance, according to your necessities. Some of the extra options you can add to your quarry insurance are:


  • Machinery Breakdown
  • Income Protection
  • Business Interruption
  • Workers Compensations
  • Employee Dishonesty
  • Tax Audit Investigations