Queensland Public Liability Insurance

Many people living in Queensland think that getting an Online Public Liability Insurance Quote is tedious and difficult to obtain, but it’s a whole lot less frustration than many people think. In addition, there are several advantages when it comes to acquiring Queensland Public Liability Insurance QLD for those living here. A few advantages are listed below.

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Queensland has the least expensive insurance rates in the entire country. There are fewer insurance claims filed in Queensland than in the rest of the country (which allows for rates to be less expensive). The stamp duty is only about 7.5% – much less than compared to Victoria’s 10% and New South Wales 9%. There is no Fires Service Levy applied by the state government in Queensland as there are in other states in Australia.

Getting the Quote from Bluewell

In order to get a Queensland Insurance quote, you can go to choose our free insurance quote page, where you will be provided comparisons to several insurance companies in the state that provide the best rates. It’s very simple to get a quote, and there are just a few pieces of information that will be needed:

  • Identify the occupation for the insurance quote
  • Select Queensland as the state
  • Choose the estimated turnover from a variety of ranges

Once you have filled in your information you will get quotes from top companies. These Queensland Public Liability Insurance quotes show the premium amounts for the year and month as well as the coverage amount.  In addition our PDS document can be selected that provides the details of the coverage.  This includes such items as:

  • General terms and conditions of the policy
  • Definitions
  • Exclusions
  • Policy specifics on:
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Glass
  • General Property
  • Business Interruption
  • Instructions on filing a claim

Once all of these areas have been perused, making the decisions on which policy would best fit the requirements and meets the needs of the employees, a policy can be selected.

Paying the Premiums

Once the specific policy has been selected, there are a variety of methods in which the premiums can be paid. For those customers who want to pay once per year we provide Credit Card, Cheque or Direct Bank Deposit payment options. There is also the customer who prefers to pay on a monthly basis; a direct debit payment can be set up against the bank account on the preferred date. The final method is to pay with a credit card, but be aware a 1.25% fee is added when a credit card is used due to the fees the credit card company charges for the convenience of using their card.

Be aware that pricing is available for those over 60, but an additional premium is generally charged for Queensland Public Liability Insurance coverage of this age group. In addition, coverage is only available after approval from the underwriter is obtained, and the terms and conditions of AFA insurance apply.

Reasonable Quotes in a Flash

Certainly talking to numerous insurance agents takes a long time, and can be confusing, so in order to get Queensland Public Liability Insurance, getting a quote on-line is fast and easy – and it can be obtained from the comfort of home thanks to Bluewell Insurance Brokers.

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