Bobcat Insurance

Owning a removals business will come with a range of risks that could occur. Investing in insurance to cover those risks is a smart move for a business. The last thing you want is having to pay for goods that your employees damaged.

Why Do I Need It?

Removals Insurance policies cover numerous situations that might happen on a removals job. What type of insurance you get will depend on whether you are working independently or hire a team, and having this insurance could be a prerequisite before being brought on site for a job.

Removal jobs will involve many risks that could potentially affect your business. Starting with employees, clients and the public, most of the jobs will require heavy lifting and sometimes will involve lifting customers’ belongings upstairs/downstairs. Having the area clear from any potential injuries is implied. Injuries are just waiting to happen and as a removals business, safety is demanded.

Another potential risk could include damaging the goods that is being removed or the surroundings. Damage to the company vehicle could happen when driving, moving items into and out of the vehicle, etc. There are so many more likely problems that could occur. Of course, training to prevent these issues can work but there is always a chance for error.

If you are looking to find the best insurance for your business, Bluewell offers a free online quote that can help you find the right insurance for your business.

What can it cover?

Removals insurance is best when it is customised to your individual business. Ensure your coverage includes at least:

  • Public Liability Coverage
  • Tool Insurance
  • Illness and Injury Cover
  • Theft and Loss
  • Project Coverage

Being amply covered is key to protect yourself and your business in the event of a lawsuit, an injury, or damage to your tools. You will also want to be covered for the jobs you have completed up until the statute of limitations runs out.

Is removals insurance worth it?

Unquestionably. With all the risks that could happen, researching and purchasing insurance policies for your removals business is worth it. You need to be aware of the areas that you need coverage. Personal liability insurance, insurance to cover any employees you may have, insurance to cover the left, loss, or damage of your tools, and insurance that covers previous jobs will serve you well. Just from these short examples, you should be convinced that your business needs to invest in insurance cover. Check your coverage regularly to ensure it will protect you and your evolving business.