What Is Repair Insurance?

Most people have insurance on their valuable assets (typically homes and cars), but their policies do not generally cover more than the standard: payment for the damage resulting from accidents. While those are the instances where repairs would cost the most, they do not happen frequently. Insurances are still crucial to have for unfortunate events, but it is important to know that they can often be extended to cover damage that inevitably appears over time. This is what repair insurance covers.

Why Use Repair Insurance?

As mentioned, any asset that you own is guaranteed to suffer damage over time. Think of all the systems in your home or your car: no matter how carefully you treat them, they still need maintenance work in order to keep them running smoothly, and they will still require further interventions even then. It can be tempting not to think about them until they are not working as expected anymore.

Damage over time is the one thing that everyone will experience in one way or another. This makes preventive measures a choice that is guaranteed to benefit any user. It helps you cover costs that are unavoidable in the long run.

Types of Repair Insurance

Repair insurances are typically available for homes and cars, seeing how their monetary worth is high, but there are also policies for home appliances. Let’s have a short look at the most common types of repair insurances.

  • Auto repair insurance

An extension to the standard car insurance policy, it aims to cover costs for the natural wear and tear that appears with regular use. It can be extremely useful as a protection against expensive vehicle failures that are not caused by accidents. They are also often used as a replacement for expired warranties.

As you would expect, terms vary with each insurance company and policy chosen. Some auto repair insurances cover all the typical damages that appear over time, while others focus on mechanical breakdowns: transmissions, oil pumps, pistons and other mechanical parts.

  • Home repair insurance

This type of insurance usually covers the general systems that are found in a home. Here are the most common aspects included:

  • Heating systems such as equipment providing electric heating or hot water tanks are covered in cases of full failure or when they simply need maintenance work.

  • Plumbing issues

  • Electrical problems

  • Security help

  • Pest removal

As always, sums covered depend greatly on factors such as the insurance company and policy used, the condition of your home, the sum you are paying and others. However, seeing how you are bound to have maintenance or repair costs for your home, it is always a good choice to consider this type of insurance.

  • Home appliance repair insurance

Typical home appliances are just as vulnerable to problems over time. Insurances can help provide coverage well after the warranties expire. Refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves are a few examples that can benefit from this type of policy.

Bluewell Insurance Brokers can assist you with all these types of repair insurances. They are all about providing you with peace of mind and, when you know some of the unavoidable costs are covered, they can serve to battle a great source of stress in your life.

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