Cafe Insurance


Finding cafe Insurance is always a little bit harder than some other occupations, we have to look into what you do in your shop and understand it a little better to find:


  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Cover that will pay out when there is a claim.



You see what every owner of a shop selling food has to understand is that they need to disclose the correct information when it comes to getting a business insurance policy.


Some things that you may not be aware you need to disclose are:


  • Is there deep frying and if yes what is the volume of oil and does it have an automatic suppressor.
  • Is there any wok cooking, this is a very high risk in the insurance industry.
  • Is there a separate bar, insurers expect you to sell a glass of wine with food, but find it to be a higher risk if you have a bar where only drinks are served.
  • Is there entertainment or does the place turn into a nightclub after hours, this is not something that you can generally sneak into a restaurant insurance policy.
  • How many seats do you have?
  • How often are the air filters cleaned and are they cleaned professionally
  • Do you have any fire extinguishes and are they the right type, water won’t put out an oil fire.
  • Do you have fire blankets


These are all things that any budding Cafe, Take-away or Restaurant owner must know before they can take out any insurance policy. They must also be aware that the construction material will make a huge difference with some insurers on pricing as well as there ability to cover it at all.


If you are unsure of anything please call us today and we are more than happy to go over the different aspects of what you require for your insurance



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