As some may know, Registered Training Organisations provide Vocational Education and Training to students, leading to qualifications and training that are recognised across the whole Australia.

The areas covered are quite diverse, ranging from basic skill programs that will prove to be useful during employment, to advanced technical training and professional courses. RTO’s can be owned by the state or can be private. Depending on the main official location, as well as all the areas they aim to be teaching in, these organisations can fall under the supervision of one of these three regulatory bodies:

  • The Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA)
  • The Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA)
  • The Training and Accreditation Council

Levels offered by these qualifications are:

  • Certificates from I to IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate
  • Vocational Graduate Diploma

All in the specific field that the student desires.

For any business or organisation that is being run, it is important to understand the insurance options available. Let’s have a look at what applies here.

What Are RTO Insurances?

As the name suggests, RTO insurances are addressed to owners of the said organisations. They generally aim to cover two aspects.

The first one is Professional Indemnity. This is designed to protect corporations from legal actions following improper use of the skills learned by students. As with any educational program, participants are the ones ultimately responsible for the knowledge gained and the way it is applied.

The same conditions can produce wildly different levels of skill from student to student. They are influenced by factors such as efforts made and natural ability, something that is out of the educator’s control. It is, therefore, important that the training organisation is not held liable for any professional failure as a result of incorrect applications of the skills trained.

The second aspect that is covered is Public and Products Liability. This protects the training organisation from being found liable for any kind of physical damage as a result of improper use of the skills trained. Death, injury and property damage are all included along with strictly economic losses.

Both of these cover the whole range of activities throughout a student’s registration period.

Why Are There Insurances Specifically Aimed at RTO?

Registered Training Organisations carry very specific activities that are required to follow requirements of regulatory bodies dedicated to this area. Seeing how the conditions are particularly tailored to what a training organisation needs, so is the insurance type.

RTO insurances help protect from the typical problems that can appear whenever someone applies the training received in an incorrect manner or to an unsatisfactory level. They allow organisations to focus on providing the best education possible while keeping students responsible for their own actions.

It is for this purpose that RTO insurances are mandatory.

Why are they important?

RTO insurances are offered by Bluewell Insurance Brokers and serve to protect the freedom that every educational organisation needs. Therefore, they benefit educators and students alike, leading to effective courses that are not affected by unreasonable laws.

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