Whether you work on a regular building site, heavy civil engineering environment, or in a factory assembling pre-cast units, comprehensive insurance is the wisest business decision for you in steel fixer business.

Working as a steel fixer, you have a complex set of risks and circumstances and sometimes a number of projects on the go. As you will know, the steel fixing industry has numerous risks that are likely to drain your hard-earned income, leaving you without a livelihood. Thankfully, you can protect your income from possible losses brought about by claims and personal injuries using a comprehensive or a personalised combination of steel fixer insurance policy covers.


Elements of a good Steel Fixer business insurance policy

Whether working as an individual contractor or with several employees, involved in major​​ constructions, repairs or on multiple projects, you definitely need a good insurance policy. Here are the elements to look out for when choosing steel fixer insurance:


Comprehensive cover

A comprehensive cover is an insurance policy that protects your civil construction business from all possible risks. You can identify a policy that covers key risks, or you are able to negotiate for a customised policy that suits the specific needs related to your business. Consulting an insurance provider helps to identify potential risks and designing an insurance policy that keeps your civil construction business safe.



You’ll be glad to know that there are affordable insurance policies for steel fixing businesses that are designed to protect your business income should a disaster strike. Access to comprehensive and affordable insurance policies has been made easier by the internet market. You can search online for a provider offering the best covers that suit your business needs at low rates.


Flexible premiums

When applying for the insurance policy for your steel fixer business, you need to keep up to date on the premiums and payments. It is highly recommended that you seek out a provider with flexible premiums that give you adequate time to make payment and works with the flow of your income.


Steel fixer insurance options

Steel fixer insurance policies will not prevent the accidents from happening to your business but could protect you to from disastrous financial impact brought about by the accident or risk. Here are some of the policy covers available for you:


  • Tools of Trade cover – including theft
  • Personal Accident & Illness cover protecting your income
  • Public & Products Liability
  • Commercial Motor vehicles – including heavy vehicle
  • Mobile Plant & Machinery including options for machinery that is hired-in
  • Management Liability – includes Employee Practices Liability
  • Workers Compensation