The Importance of Teacher Insurance

Of all the jobs in the world, that of teaching has to be one of the most important. It is what guides students towards most professions in the world, ensuring that they have a solid starting point. This can only be done by having someone guarantee that proper academic steps and activities are followed in order to reach a specific goal.

Teachers are responsible for many of the most beneficial aspects of our society. Besides helping students acquire the knowledge and skills needed for a profession, they are also to be appreciated for laying the foundation of our worldview. It is in school where we learn essential information regarding history, language, and sciences, something that we can continually add to during our lifetime.

A good insurance is, therefore, crucial in ensuring proper conditions for those choosing this profession. Insurances for teachers generally cover the same aspects as usual, with the only differences being found in some of the terms offered by dedicated policies. Since those vary greatly with each choice, let’s have a general look at what all should have:


  • Home Insurance

Home insurance is something that everyone should have. Covering the damage done by most types of unprovoked factors, it is the safety net that ensures you can recover after disasters. Risks commonly covered are fire, floods, earthquakes and theft, among others.

There are numerous different policies, depending on the company chosen, the value and condition of your property, coverage preferences and more. It is important that the contract is carefully read, as finding out that an aspect is not covered only after you are affected will be too late.

Specialised forms are available, some common ones being fire, flood and earthquake insurances.


  • Health insurance

Public health care in Australia is well-regarded, yet there are private policies that can fit teachers better. This type of insurance is crucial, seeing how costs for medication and medical assistance are greatly reduced. The last thing you need when feeling weak is having to worry about your financial situation.


  • Life insurance and income protection insurance

Life insurance is one of the best ways of ensuring that the loved ones are still provided for, should tragedy strike. Sums covered depend on factors such as your current health condition, income, and policy chosen, among others.

Income protection insurance works in a somewhat similar way, in the sense that it provides an income when you cannot do so anymore. The main difference is that it is aimed at those who are incapacitated and unable to work due to illness or accidents. It can run for periods of up to 5 years.


  • Car insurance

Another essential type of insurance that most can benefit from is aimed at vehicles. Whether you choose a standard policy that only covers accidents or go for extra options that include the natural wear and tear of your car (repair insurance), having one of your most valuable assets insured will give you a great sense of comfort when it comes to your finances.

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