A telecommunication company provides innovative telecommunication technology solutions in a range of businesses such as radio, cable television, television broadcasting, etc. Due to the ever-changing realm of this kind of business, it may come with a range of unique risks. These are added to the standard risks that every small business deals with on a regular basis.

But, the truth is that, in such a new domain that is continuously changing, Bluewell Insurance Brokers know what type of coverage to provide you with – the one that ensures your business’ optimal protection while at the same time allowing your company to innovate and evolve. We know that, in order to ensure your success in this domain, you have to improve continuously.


Bluewell Insurance manages your liabilities\

Telecommunication companies are mainly in charge of connecting the modern world. You play a significant role in providing your clients with the capability of communicating, transferring data, and contacting other people. Consequently, to put it roughly, you present a range of commercial “liabilities”. These responsibilities may lead to lawsuits if, for any reason, you fail to meet them. If you wish to ensure full coverage of potential lawsuit costs, you’ll need to consider the following aspects.

The General Liability Insurance we offer will cover possible third-party lawsuits. They may be either filed by vendors, clients or other entities. Given the fact that telecommunications technicians typically work at the customer’s office, having an appropriate insurance package is more than necessary. For instance, if, for some reason, a client’s company wall gets damaged during the installation process, the General Liability Insurance will cover the likely costs of a lawsuit.

Also, if a customer happens to trip over a cable, the insurance will take care of the costs of resulting legal expenses as well. Indeed, the likelihood of being sued as a result of negligence is unpredictable, and can lead to a costly lawsuit. Certainly, this is something you wish to avoid. Our liability cover will protect your business against complaints of negligence actions, which may cause either property damage or personal injury.


Our telecommunication insurance is designed according to your needs

When you no longer have to worry about the possible incidents that may take place in the field work, you can concentrate on more important matters, such as finding new ways of improving your business. This way, you may become the very best in the domain.

As of 2009, Bluewell Insurance Brokers has worked towards offering a range of companies the ideal secure framework for continual development. We can say that our insurance solutions will deliver you value for the money you pay!

With an extensive experience reaching 40 years, we aim at providing the best insurance solutions for Australians, including for those in need of telecommunication protection. The bottom line is that there are so many things that may go wrong when running a telecommunication business, that it’s crucial to get the best protection you can. You can do so by contacting us today and get a quote!