Why Test and Tag Insurance Is Important

What Does Testing And Tagging Mean?

Testing and tagging represents the process of checking electrical appliances for safety. It is done both visually (ensuring that cables and outlets are in good condition) and in measurable ways. Current continuity and proper insulation are evaluated, along with any other aspects that could lead to abnormal and unsafe conditions.

While some prefer to do their testing and tagging themselves, nothing beats professional services dedicated to the activity. These are run by specialists who know more about the subject, have superior tools, act faster and provide significantly better judgement on the quality of your electrical equipment. Businesses can see numerous benefits in using experienced test and tag providers.

What Is Test and Tag Insurance?

Like any professional field, testing and tagging has mandatory insurance practices that are meant to keep people safe and covered financially if an unfortunate event does happen.

Insurances in this field are aimed to address the specific risks of operating (potentially defective) electrical equipment on a daily basis.

Insurance Requirements

There are several mandatory types of insurances when running a business that provides testing and tagging services. These are a WorkCover insurance (if the legal requirements apply), Vehicle and Equipment insurance, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Some of the insurance types speak for themselves, so let’s have a look at some of the main aspects that are perhaps less clear.

1. Public Liability

Public liability is meant to protect a test and tag provider from legal action in the eventuality that the services provided result in property damage or injuries. Keep in mind that, in order for this to apply, your actions need to have been in compliance with the law.

Negligence will still be punished if it can be proven in a court. This insurance aims to let the service provider focus on the work at hand, knowing that any issue appearing due to external factors will be covered.

2. Professional Indemnity

This type of insurance guarantees that you cannot be held liable for other people’s actions that follow as a result of your professional advice. This is crucial, seeing how people not specialised in the area are prone to mistakes when trying to do the process themselves.

Professional indemnity is key in the functioning of any business, since it makes it responsible only for its own actions, avoiding unnecessary risks that customers could otherwise pose.

3. Income Protection

Income protection is required in order to cover employees from unfortunate events that may result in incapacitation. The period that is needed for recovery can go up to 5 years for serious injuries, covering as much as 70% of the original monthly income. This is done as an incentive for the policyholder to return to work as soon as their health recovers. Medical treatment and legal costs are also covered.

Test and tag insurance is necessary for all parties involved in the process to be safe and covered, leaving everyone to focus on their own work with minimal legal worries. This is why we, at Bluewell Insurance Brokers, make sure to cover everything that is required, while offering some very attractive bonuses – all at affordable prices. Just give us a call if you need more information.

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