Tilers Insurance Australia

Tilers insurance covers risks involved in tiling trade. Tilers are exposed to risks some of which are fatal in nature. It is important to liaise with a reliable insurance provider who can provide policy designed specifically for tillers. In this way, you can rest assured that your income is protected in case of accidents in the course of duty.


Risks tilers face every day

Tilers are contracted to fix tile flooring, walls and roofs in both commercial and residential buildings. During tile fixing process, there are a number of risks that are likely to happen no matter how careful the individual is. However, the level of risks varies depending on the area being worked on. For example, fixing the tiles on the roof and walls has high level risks than fixing the tiles on the floor. Here are the risks facing tillers in their daily work:


Personal injuries

A tiler is prone to fall either from the roof, wall or on a slippery floor. These falls can cause simple bruises, fractures, paralyses or death. Also, tillers are prone to cuts and other injuries caused by sharp tilling tools or sharp edges of the tiles.


Destruction of property

Tiles are hard slates mostly made of hard concrete or granite material. Tiles can accidentally fall from the roof destroying the property within the site or in the neighbouring compound. For example, tiles may fall on the vehicles or building causing damage.


Third party injuries

Injuries inflicted to the third party are common in the tillers’ trade. An individual may trip and fall on the sharp tools sustaining cut injuries. Unprotected site where tiles are being fixed may expose the members of the public to injuries caused by tiles falling from the roof tops and slippery floors on which the tiles are being fixed. Some of these injuries can be fatal in nature.



When dealing with employees in a tiling company, cases of on-site theft and of tools in transit are common.


Types of tilers insurance policies

Whether you own a tilers’ company or operates as a sole tiler, it is advisable to apply for any of the following insurance policies tailored to suit specific risks facing tilers:


  • Public liability insurance

Tilers public liability insurance policy covers claims raised due to third party injuries and property damage. This policy is important as the claims may entail compensation worth millions of dollars for body injuries caused by tools and falling tiles or extensive damage to property.


  • Tilers’ tools insurance policy

This policy is designed to protect the tilers tools lost or destroyed while on transit or on the site. One can negotiate for a customised policy that covers vehicles.


  • Income protection policy

Most tilers are self employed, meaning that the moment one gets injured or suffers from another ailment, no income is recorded. Income protection insurance policy provides compensation in such moments when one cannot work.


  • Workers compensation

Workers compensation policy is important for the traders who are employers. Employees are exposed to injuries while fixing tiles. Talk to a tilers insurance provider to have your employees adequately insured.