Do you need insurance for your trailer?

Bluewell Insurance Brokers can help with all types of trailers, to list just a few of them we can insure:

– Truck trailers

– Tradies trailers

– Animal grooming trailers

– Modified trailers

– Food and catering trailers

– Take away food trailers with deep-frying and cooking

– Earth-moving trailers, we can even cover your earth-moving equipment!

We know it’s hard to get stand alone cover for your trailer, so we try to make it as easy as possible. We use some of Australia’s top insurers to get you covered and on to doing what you do best.

Can you cover my food trailer for cooking?

We sure can, we are glad to be able to help out with food trailers. We know how difficult it is to get insurance for food trailers and sometimes, it can feel like banging your head up against a brick wall. Some insurers require to cover both the towing vehicle and the trailer. Some can just cover the trailer. SO depending on your situation you can talk to one of our consultants and they will advise you as to the best course of action to getting your trailer insurance to cover you when you need it the most.

How do I get cover for my trailer/s

Call the team at Bluewell Insurance Brokers today on 1300 669 664 and over the phone we can sit down and talk about your requirements. Some insurers will require additional paperwork some we can deal with online, so we should be able to get you a quote in most circumstances in just minutes.