As those in the industry know getting trampoline park insurance is becoming increasingly harder to find, but luckily Bluewell Insurance Brokers have access to underwriters that will cover your park and allow you to keep trading.

Specialising in Public liability and Business insurance, Bluewell have been helping Australian businesses since 2009 find the right cover for their business.

So what makes Trampoline parks hard to insure?

The risk associated with trampoline parks are high compared with other occupations and as such there has been an increase in claims over the last 5 years making it financially unviable for many underwriters to keep writing the business. This obviously doesn’t help those trying to run a business.

So how do I get my Trampoline park insured?

Give our office a call, as this is a specialised industry we will need to gain additional information from you over and above what we would do getting public liability insurance for a lower risk occupation, like an office worker for example, as the chances of them making a claim is significantly lower.

The Insurers will need see that you are running a professional operation, managed by professionals, so we will ask questions like:


  • What does the business turn over annually
  • What staff training procedures do you have in place
  • Does the business have Foam Jumping Pit?
  • Details / listing of all equipment at the location (eg, how many trampolines)
  • Confirmation all equipment is inspected daily
  • Do all venues have CCTV installation, confirm the number
  • CCTV tapes to be maintained for a minimum of 6 months
  • Are the trampolines double skinned with foam mats underneath in event of double failure, or equivalent redundant fall through device
  • Confirmation no alcohol served on premises
  • Employee safety and training manual
  • Confirmation jumpers are separated by age and experience
  • Confirmation there is always an attendant monitoring each piece of equipment when used
  • Confirmation there is impact absorbing matting on/around all hard surfaces or objects within 2 meters of all tramps
  • 5yrs claims experience & confirmation on your previous underwriter’s letterhead
  • Forward us a copy of the waiver currently in place
  • Incident reporting procedures
  • How long has the centre been operating
  • Is the insured a member of any Industry Association, if yes confirm the association
  • Confirm, maximum capacity of the venue
  • Monthly and annual patrons of the venue

We will need answers for all of these questions to get a quote done for you. There are a lot, but we are here to help you with assistance and advice to make the process as easy as possible and we can explain anything you are unsure of.