Vineyard Insurance

Even though producing high-quality wine may seem a piece of cake for someone who is not involved in this type of business, if you own a vineyard, you definitely know how much work this process requires.

But in order to obtain the quality wine you desire, it is not only you and your family who has to work hard. In fact, taking care of a vineyard implies a lot of time and money, as you need special equipment, qualified staff, viticulture knowledge, marketing strategies, and so on. All these together can contribute to the success of your company, and are essential for any wine business.

However, besides the benefits of owning a vineyard, there are also plenty of risks that need proper management. Without good vineyard insurance, you might be facing damages that you cannot cover and then you business will suffer.


Why do you need vineyard insurance?

As it was mentioned before, there are a lot of risks when it comes to owning such a business. Some of the dangers that may threaten your vineyard can be avoided, but unfortunately, the majority of them have an extremely low management level.

For example, it is really hard to prevent wine contamination in some particular cases. However, such a problem could compromise the whole wine production of a year, or even more!

Moreover, the equipment you use for harvest and then for obtaining wine costs a lot, but it can break down at any time, even though you take good care of it. What can be done in such a situation? Any day matters and means money when it comes to the harvesting time or processing the grapes. If you cannot afford new equipment or repairing the actual one, you can end up destroying all the hard work you did until now.

A natural disaster can also ruin your entire work. However, such a danger can rarely be avoided by any vineyard owner.

Considering all these aspects, no matter if you own a large or small vineyard, you should opt for good insurance. Bluewell Insurance Brokers can provide you professional services and customised insurance solutions.


What does Vineyard Insurance cover?

Essentially, this type of insurance starts with several essential aspects, such as:


  • Equipment (owned, borrowed, leased, or rented)
  • Theft
  • Natural Disasters
  • Wine Contamination
  • Wine Leakage
  • Harvested grapes
  • Chemical Drift
  • Personal liability
  • Product liability

Bluewell Insurance Brokers is an insurance company which is aware of the importance of customised services. Each vineyard has its own needs so that its insurance should be specially designed for it. Depending on the size, location, used equipment, staff number and many other aspects, a vineyard owner could have his or her own requirements when it comes to insurance. Bluewell Insurance Brokers is providing customised services, and our employees are eager to help you choose the best insurance features for your business.

Some of the optional features you may include in your vineyard insurance are the following:


  • Special Events
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Data Processing Equipment
  • Wine Stored for Others