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Bluewell Insurance Brokers offers free public liability insurance quotes for Welders, Boilermakers, Engineers and other metal craft tradesmen. Our insurance quotes are simply done online and take only a few minutes to see the very affordable cheap price you would pay.

Public liability quotes are also available for mine sites and mining engineers on request as Bluewell caters for a full range of mining specialists.

Start your free public liability insurance quote now by Clicking Here. Bluewell will give all welders, boilermakers and engineers access to a wide range of Australian insurers that offer 5, 10 or 20 million public liability insurance or higher liability amounts available on request.

What do welders, boilermakers and engineers need to know about Public liability insurance?

We have a lot of welders asking us if they really need public liability insurance. It’s very important for welders to have their public liability insurance in place, so that if a fire is started due to their actions and property damage is caused, they are covered.

The premium for welders public liability insurance when working on mine sites is higher than that of someone working out of a workshop, as it has significantly more claims for public liability insurance. In work shop you have a controlled environment whilst in the field, the situation changes all of the time.

All of the policies as of late show that the welders are penalized with higher premiums for not having a hot works system in place and not adhering to Australian Standard AS1674 for welding and hot works, and in many cases the policy becomes void if you have not used the Australian Standard AS1674. So you can see it is very important for welders to use this and be aware of this at all times.

Bluewell offers a range of insurance packages for welders, boilermakers and metal engineers as we know and understand the risks involved with the work undertaken on a day to day basis. Save time and money by taking advantage of our packages which include public insurance, tool cover and even options such as life insurance, tpd & trauma. If you manage your own workshop, our insurance specialists are happy to advise on the correct amount of business insurance as well.

The RTA from the New South Wales government has said in their welders – Hot Works Tip Sheet that welders should designate an area for welding and the area should be free from combustible and flammable material. Find a copy of the RTA Tip Sheet here.

Public liability insurance quotes for welders can generally be done in a 24-48 hours time frame. Public liability insurance for welders is important and we always welcome inquiries on it to help educate those who need it. For any questions regarding the correct public liability insurance for you please call 1300 669 664.

This video shows how easily a fire can be started and the importance of always being compliant by having your fire extinguisher present when you are doing any hot works activity. Fortunately the first was small in this circumstance and was contained.