Building Inspector Insurance

When I think of Building inspector insurance, as an insurance broker your highest concern is always for the client Professional Indemnity insurance. There is always a requirement for Public Liability Insurance, but my major concern is always for the advice being given out. If an inspector was to do damage to a property the chances are is that they would do minimal damage to the property and the likelihood of that actually happening is pretty slim, but when it comes to the advice being given I am always concerned, missing something on a report whether that be missing a defect on the structure, missing a pest infestation or just omitting to put something down always has to be the highest priority. That is why we always put a professional indemnity policy in place with a quality insurer that specialises in cover for Building and pest inspections insurance. The premiums are a little higher than for other occupations in the industry, this is due to the high amount of claims this occupation has and the high amounts that insurers have to pay out for on Building inspector insurance when an error in advice or reporting has been made.

What we can offer:

  • $5 million, $10 million & $20 million public liability insurance cover
  • Professional Indemnity cover starting a $1 million Professional Indemnity going to $10 million+ cover
  • Higher limits by request
  • Cover for higher-risk situations
  • Statutory liability
What sort of claims do Building and Pest Inspectors have?
  • Damage to property
  • Errors and omissions in reporting
  • Fines due to Occupation health and safety breaches
  • Fairwork cases due to things like unfair dismissal and associated legal cost.

We can help with all types of cover such as:

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