Asbestos Removals and Demolition Public Liability Insurance

How do I get a quote for public liability insurance for my asbestos removal/demolition business?

Asbestos liability insurance is one of those areas in insurance that really test the pricing structure of Public liability, we find that minimum premiums for this type of insurance starts at $5,000 for the most basic entry level business. So with that kind of commitment to your insurance, we find people looking to start their Asbestos removal business are very committed to finding work in the industry.

We have personally never seen a claim and find that many clients don’t realise that the policies are claims made, so that means if you do have a spill for example you need to tell your insurance broker or the insurer immediately, to make sure the policy reacts if there is an issue into the future from that moment into the future. Saying you didn’t think there would be a claim does not cut it.

If you are concerned with what Asbestos liability insurance or demolition insurance covers, call on of our brokers today.


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