Earthmoving & Excavation Public Liability Insurance

How do I get a public liability insurance quote for my earthmoving & excavation work?

Excavator, Plant & Truck Insurance

Public liability insurance quotes for earthmover’s and excavators. To get an quote go click on the button labelled “Click Here To Start Your Public Liability Quote”, this will take you to our public liability insurance page where you can select your state, turnover and select your occupation as “Earthmoving / Excavation excluding Dredging & Civil ” to get an quote. Should you be doing Civil work, dredging or digging deeper then 3.5 meters in depth then you can your occupation as such and we will look at what we need to do to get a quote done.

We also have Plant, Excavator, Truck and Equipment insurance available for you, enter in the details of the item/s you want cover for and we will take it to the market to get you competitive pricing. With access to a whole host of Earth moving and trucking insurance specialist companies you can be sure that we can find the right cover at the right price the first time.


Why do I need Public liability insurance when doing earthmoving and excavation?


Earthmoving and excavation have a significant risk of causing property damage or injuring somebody as with any use of heavy equipment an on-site risk assessment should be part of your normal routine to work out where potential hazards may lay and to give you an overall feel for how to make the work site safer not just for you but for other persons working on the job site. The risk involved with landslips, overturning and hitting something makes the insurance for earthmoving and excavation a little more expensive then a generally tradesman, but pricing is still reasonable especially when you consider the risk undertaken by the insurance company and it is also more affordable if you pay monthly also. Ever insurance company requires that you do a dial before you dig to find out the location of any pipes or any cables, because if you have not your claim will be declined by most insurers.

Bluewell Insurance understands business and operations in the civil construction industry, we provide insurance solutions for construction companies and civil contractors throughout Australia. Whether you need insurance for bulk earthworks, design or demolition our experts will tailor your policy to your specific project or business needs.


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