Price of Life Insurance

What is the price of life insurance?

To get a quote to find out the price of life insurance, click on the button that says “Click here for a life insurance quote” and this will take you to our life insurance, income protection insurance and (TTD) temporary and total disability insurance page you can supply your details to get a quote from an insurance professional.


What is life insurance?


Life insurance is a lump sum payment for if your death occurs, they payment will be made out to the beneficiary of your choosing. This payment is practical for people with families to know that there loved ones will be looked after in the case of your death. You could also choose to have an amount paid to your estate so that there is no bills left over if you die so that your assets could be divided in the case of your death rather then sold to repay unpaid debts. If you do not have a family you could choose to select a minimum amount of cover, to cover your funeral expenses so that your family will not have to pay for your funeral.


What is income protection insurance?


Income protection keeps an income coming in for you if you are involved in an insured accident or illness. This will help to keep your head above water until you are able to work again or give you a chance to organise your life if you are unable to work again. Cover is available from some insurers up until the age of 65 and is of benefit you are never able to work again.

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