Demolition & Asbestos Removal Insurance Quote

Get a quote for public liability insurance for your Asbestos removal/demolition business.

Firstly click on the button bellow and it will take you to our quote page. There you will need to complete all of the information fields so that we can take it to several underwriters to get quotes done up. If you are new and don’t know your turnover then you will need to give us an estimate and advise how much public liability insurance you require for removing asbestos and any demolition work you expect to undertake. You do not need to be doing both asbestos removal and demolition, we can quote on both separately

Do I need Public liability insurance for my asbestos removal company?

In short yes, when you are undertaking the removal of asbestos, if you are not insured correctly you will find that a lot of public liability insurance have what is called an absolute asbestos exclusion. This Exclusion basically means that if you do not get the correct public liability insurance for your asbestos removal company, you will find that you are not covered for when you are removing asbestos. There have been incidents in the past where people have been doing repairs on Asbestos roofing or fencing something has gone wrong and they have put in a claim and because they were not covered for asbestos the insurer has declined the claim. So it is your job to inform us if you intend on doing any form of asbestos removals.

Is it hard to get public liability insurance for my asbestos removal company?

It is not hard we have many companies that will look at this type of insurance, but the insurers need a lot more information regarding your experience with asbestos removal and also if you have the correct qualification for removing asbestos in your state. For example whether your asbestos removal business holds a:

  • Class A ( Friable Asbestos ) Removal License
  • Class B ( Non Friable ” Bonded” ) Removal License
  • Or Asbestos Assessors License

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