One of the first things you will need to start your business is labour hire insurance, which usually begins with a public liability quote. The insurer will need to know your expected turnover and what type of occupations you will supply labour for. As you can imagine, supplying labour for people to erect scaffolds will be a much higher risk than if you provide office staff to do reception work. With that higher risk comes a higher premium for your Labour Hire Insurance. So you have a duty to disclose all the information about the business and the types of occupations you will be supplying for.

With new licensing requirements from 2017 for Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, and the ACT, we can help you secure a cover that will help you meet your contractual obligations and secure your next job. Being a higher-risk occupation, many insurance companies will not offer cover for Labour hire insurance, but we have key relationships with underwriters that offer Labour hire insurance at competitive market rates.

What we can offer:


  • $5 million, $10 million & $20 million public liability insurance cover
  • Higher limits by request
  • Cover for higher-risk occupations


What sort of claims do Labour hire companies have?


  • Damage to property caused by your supplied labourer
  • Injury caused by your supplied labourer to another party
  • Worker to worker claims for contractors and Subcontractors who injure themselves at the job site.
  • Getting sued by local state workers’ compensation due to claims made by contractors and Sub-contractors due to your supplied labour
  • Fines due to Occupation health and safety breaches
  • Fairwork cases due to things like unfair dismissal and associated legal costs.

Worker-to-worker claims are one of the most significant costs to insurers today. When someone gets injured on site due to your staff’s negligence, they claim their worker’s compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation then tries to recoup their losses by suing you or your company, and most people we talk to about this are blasé about the risk, but we see it repeatedly and cannot stress enough your exposure to it.


We can help with all types of cover, such as:


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