Refrigerated Vehicles can be essential for your business to continue running smoothly. It is essential your vehicles are covered in case equipment fails or produce is compromised.



What is Refrigerated Transport Insurance?


Refrigerated Transport vehicles can be valuable to businesses however problems can occur with these vehicles with devastating effects. Common issues with refrigerated transport vehicles include vehicle breakdown, motor accidents, emergency repair work and equipment failure leaving your sensitive cargo at risk. Bluewell Refrigerated Transport insurance can cover your vehicle when these issues occur to keep your vehicle or business on the move.



Why do you need Commercial Vehicle Insurance?


Commercial Vehicle Insurance is there to protect your business from possible liability that arises from property damage, but also from losses like theft and damage to the vehicles as a result of accidents.
When you’re running a business-owning several different cars, it is of vital importance that you have the peace of mind. All your vehicles must be covered and protected in case of a worst-case scenario. You can protect yourself, your business, your property, and your employees with Commercial Vehicle Insurance. Commercial Vehicle Insurance offers the cover you cover from:


  • Property damage
  • Fire
  • Loss
  • Emergency repairs
  • Towing costs
  • Theft or damage
  • Attempted theft
  • Legal liability


Why Choose Bluewell Refrigerated Transport Insurance?


Bluewell Insurance Brokers understands exactly how important it is for your commercial vehicles to be protected. We have provided vehicle insurance for all kinds industries for many years and understand that any car requires protection. You need commercial vehicles to move around in almost any industry, so if you own a business, you most likely also need cars or operating vehicles. Some of these vehicles will get used in industrial work while others will be out in the field. Especially if you have employees driving place to place or operating heavy machinery, the risks are not at all insignificant, and the responsible thing to do is make sure you have the necessary protection.


Bluewell Insurance Brokers has extensive experience in Commercial Vehicle Insurance, and we are happy to help you find the appropriate coverage for your business and your vehicles. Peace of mind can be bought, and it’s as simple as getting proper insurance coverage for all of your needs.