Tree Lopper | Arborist Insurance

Tree lopper insurance & Arborist insurance is the best way of protecting your business income. The policies are designed to suit the needs and risks involved in tree lopping, pruning, stump removal and general trees care. It is not advisable to go for a general insurance policy as it may not cover all your needs leading to additional expenditure when the unexpected happens. Do you know why people depend on your services as a tree lopper, pruner and stump remover specialist? It is because they want the job well done and they dare not face the risks involved.


Important Tree Lopper & Arborist Insurance Policies

When engaged in tree removal business, you need to have an insurance policy that protects you from possible losses. It is advisable to discuss all the activities of your work with an insurance provider in order to have a customised insurance policy that suits your unique needs. The following policies are essential for tree lopping, pruning and stump removal business:


Public liability

This policy protects you from the claims made by the third party. When cutting a tree, the trunk or branches may fall towards undesired direction destroying properties on the site or in the neighbourhood. Similarly, cutting or pruning trees along the road or a walking path can turn tragic, causing injuries to passersby or destroying passing vehicles. This policy foots the medical bills, legal fees and compensation for destruction.


Accident and sickness policy

Accident and sickness insurance policy is similar to employees’ compensation or employers’ liability policy. The policy covers employees in case of accidents while on duty. Tree cutting, pruning or stump removal, are delicate procedures that involve use of sharp equipments and climbing to high heights. A tree lopper may accidentally trip and fall from a tree incurring multiple fractures or even dying. Also, employees are exposed to serious cut wounds caused by the sharp tools they use to cut trees. This policy covers the hospital bills and salary till they are fully recovered and provide compensation in case of permanent disability or death.


Equipment policy

Tree lopping equipments are expensive hence losing one to theft or breakdown leads huge expenditure. Equipment insurance policy provides compensation for the destroyed or stolen tree cutting specialised equipments.


Benefits of tree lopper and arborist insurance

Still wondering why you should have an arborist insurance cover? Well, here are the reasons why you need to go online and apply for tree lopper insurance policy that covers all your needs:


  • Covers huge medical bills incurred by employees and third party
  • Provides full compensations for injuries and property destruction as ruled in the court
  • Double indemnity limit compared to general professional policy covers
  • Covers the claim bills for injuries incurred as a result of erroneous professional advice
  • Easy online policy application process
  • Access to comprehensive Tree Lopper and Arborist insurance policy covers, at competitive costs