Dog Groomer Insurance

In many ways, the business of a groomer is similar to other small businesses. Working with pets can be, indeed, genuinely enjoyable, but quite risky as well. On that account, in the position of providing professional dog or cat grooming, you need to have appropriate business liability for your particular working domain.

For instance, standard commercial liability may cover possible human accidents or fires, but when you’re working in the pet business, this type of coverage won’t be helpful in case a pet gets injured, or worse, dies. As you can see, it’s more than mandatory to opt for an appropriate insurance cover. Luckily, Bluewell Insurance Brokers have already thought about that and have created an insurance solution that meets your needs like a glove.

What does our dog groomer insurance involve?

dog grooming cover

Working with pets is entirely different than working in a shop or an office. The truth is that most pet owners consider their fluffy friends as part of the family. Plus, pets tend to be expensive. Consequently, it’s compulsory that your dog grooming company embraces the ideal insurance that offers you full coverage in one of the following cases. For instance, due to employee negligence or not, pets may get injured, or even lost. Also, there may be situations in which something may happen to an employee or customer.

Professional dog groomers deal with animals in movement, chemicals, sharp tools and electricity. It’s enough to combine the enumerated factors and it’s crystal clear that the imminence of accidents is quite high. Indeed, that doesn’t imply that such accidents are ever planned or expected, but, unfortunately, they happen. In those cases, it’s crucial to have appropriate liability insurance that protects your assets and income.

There’s also the case of mobile groomers. It means that you’re entirely on your own. So, those who work as mobile groomers have different needs. Being mobile adds up complexity to your insurance situation. For example, if any damage occurs at the dog owner’s home, you, as the groomer, can be held liable for the unwanted incident. If you are in this situation, you can contact us – Bluewell Insurance Brokers – right away and communicate your particular working background to one of our professionals.

Who is in need of dog groomer insurance?

The answer is simple. Every dog groomer working in this domain shouldn’t neglect the importance of having an appropriate insurance solution. The society we live in is becoming more and more litigious and, unfortunately, lawsuits happen in abundance. Not only that this affects all businesses, but it should raise the awareness of every employer and employee, including those in the dog grooming domain. But, fortunately for you, at the moment, you can benefit from insurance solutions suitable for your needs. Not to mention that we have reasonable rates.

Having a good insurance plan is not at all expensive. On the contrary, it’s priceless. It’s the only way in which you can protect your company from the hazardous risks that can happen! So, contact us today to get a quote.