Exploration & Drill Rig Insurance


Exploration and Drilling Rig businesses are in an area that is specialised, expensive and riskier than most other industries. Being exposed to unusual environments and dangerous equipment, it begs the question of whether business insurance is necessary.

What is Exploration and Drill Rig Insurance?

Exploration and Drill Rig Insurance can be broad. Finding the right insurance policies varies from business to business. The factors for this particular industry are endless. So it’s important to understand the risks that could happen. Exploration and Drill Rig Insurance can have policies that cover situations relating to employee injuries or equipment damage.

Anything could happen when working in the exploration and drill rig industry so finding the right insurance is crucial.

Why do you need Exploration and Drill Rig Insurance?

Consider the costs to your businesses if an accident occurs on a work site or a piece of expensive machinery is damaged. Knowing your business is covered from potential risks then you and your business could save huge amounts of money.

Exploration and Drill Rig insurance will cover you with a range of policies to protect your business such as:

Bluewell Insurance Brokers have looked after business insurance and public liability insurance for Australian exploration and drill rig business owners. We are happy to help you find the right about of coverage for your business so you can get on and do what you do best-run your business.